May 8th: Workshop

In the frame of the 3rd MC and WG meeting, a Workshop was be held in Thessaloniki, Greece, on May 8th. The title of the workshop is "Chemical weather information services for quality of life", and it includes, apart from the ES0602 action participants, invited experts in the field. For details concerning the workshop programme and organizational details, see the agenda.

May 9th : MC and WG meetings

The 3rd meeting will be organised in Thessaloniki, Greece, 8-9 May 2008, at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, AUTh.


In order to see how to get there by public transport, please use this link. In addition, a map of the campus is available here (look for the Mechanical Engineering department), as well as a map with the hotels and the meeting place.


It is recommended that you stay in a hotel within the city. A list of suggested hotels follows. Please make you own bookings.


Weather forecasts for Thessaloniki are available via,, and

Meeting Schedule, May 9th : MC and WG meetings

Morning session: 09:00 – 13:30

  1. Welcome to participants
  2. Adoption of agenda
  3. Minutes of last meeting
  4. Report from the Scientific Officer
    • News from the COST Office
    • Status of Action
    • Number of Signatories
    • Budget Status, budget allocation process
  5. Year Budget status and planning
  6. STSM status, applications
  7. Publications, annual report
  8. Evaluations
  9. Request for new members
  10. Non-COST participations
  11. Updates of Co-ordinates MC / WGs etc
  12. Web news
  13. Progress report of working groups
    • Set up of working groups programme and membership progress
  14. Long-term planning
  15. Time and place of next meeting
  16. AOB

Lunch: 13:30-14:30

Afternoon session: 14:30-17:30. Sequential WG meetings

Presentations by Invited Experts

The US EPA’s AIRNow System Phil Dickerson, US EPA
Delivering preventative health information to vulnerable people in Sussex (UK) Nigel Jenkins, Sussex Air Quality Partnership
The Cyprus AQ Information Portal Savvas Kleanthus, Air Quality Section, Department of Labour Inspection, Cyprus
Patient and patient organisation criteria for well working electronic information dissemination solutions Geir Endregard, Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association
AIRTHESS: The Thessaloniki system Dr. Kostas Nikolaou, Organization for the Master Plan and Environmental Protection of Thessaloniki
Near-real time Air Quality Data (Ozone web and future actions) Jaume Targa, EEA – ETC/ACC


The AirMerge System is an extension of the ChemicalWeather portal, and allows you to view, combine and compare results from chemical weather models.