8th MC&WG meeting and Final Workshop

Venue: World Meteorological Organisation, Geneva

Dates: 13-14 April 2011

Location: WMO Secretariat, 7 bis av de la Paix, Geneva, Switzerland - Salle C1
Local organiser: Dr. Liisa Jalkanen, World Meteorological Organization
Registrations: Ms Birgitta Lindup
Agenda: [download agenda]


European framework for online integrated air quality and meteorology modelling: Methodology and plans of COST Action ES1004 Alexander Baklanov
Chemical Weather Forecasting and Information System for Budapest Zita Ferenczi
Forecasting and observations of wild-land fire plumes in Italy Sandro Finardi
Integrating Saharan dust forecasts in a regional CTM: a case study over Northern Italy G. Finzi
Potential dispersion of the radioactive cloud after a nuclear accident in Fukushima Hermann Jakobs
Operational chemical weather forecasting models on a regional scale in Europe Jaakko Kukkonen
WMO/GURME Liisa Jalkanen
On the need for an integrated assessment, forecasting and communication of air quality, resulting from physical, chemical and biological weather Thomas Klein
A European open access chemical weather forecasting portal Kostas Karatzas
Sea-salt aerosol forecasts compared with daily measurements in Lampedusa (Central Mediterranean) P. Kishcha
The MACC regional air quality services Laurence Rouïl
Implementing the SILAM model for (quasi)operational runs inEstonia Aardi Loot
Opportunities for Forecasting High Impact Natural Hazards in the UK Bernard Fisher
Overview of the WP1 achievements and status of the data flows relevant to chemical weather forecasting Aasmund Fahre Vik
PASODOBLE Thilo Erbertseder
A Natural Emission Model (NEMO): First results and validation Poupkou A.
Towards biochemical air quality analysis, forecasting and management M.Sofiev
Inter-comparison of air quality data using principal component analysis, and forecasting of PM10 and PM2.5 concentrations using artificial neural networks, in Thessaloniki and Helsinki D.Voukantsis
COST ES0602 WG1 meeting - Recent developments in NRT AQ data flow and future needs Aasmund Fahre Vik
COST ES0602 WG4 – Final Meeting Thomas Klein


The AirMerge System is an extension of the ChemicalWeather portal, and allows you to view, combine and compare results from chemical weather models.