European Chemical Weather Forecasting Portal


This European chemical weather forecasting portal includes links to available chemical weather forecasting systems in Europe in a user-friendly graphical format. The main objective is to provide an easy access to the various air quality forecasting services in Europe. This website is scheduled to act as a public domain forum, through which the forecasts provided by the European countries can be viewed.

This portal is complementary, compared with similar services provided by various EU-funded projects, such as those by GEMS and PROMOTE. Our objective has been to include as many services as possible.


This portal includes primarily AQ forecasting models on European and regional scales, although urban and local scale models and model applications can also be included.

Most of the selected models are chemical weather forecasting models, i.e., these include a combination of numerical weather forecasting and atmospheric chemistry modeling, while some of them (in local scale) are statistical or computational intelligence – based models (included here for demonstration purposes) .

What does it do?

By click on the European map the user can select any location, and will automatically receive a list of the available air quality forecasting systems that contain chemical weather predictions for the selected area. Additional information provided include direct links to the forecasting systems covering the location of interest, as well as the scientific group that has developed and is maintaining it, the model(s) applied, a short description of the system, and a link to related records within the Model Documentation System of the European Environment Agency.

What does "Relevant MDS models" mean?

The Model Documentation System is an ETC/ACC web-based application that documents models related to air quality. In this application we automatically take the model list from the MDS and check to see if any of the models mentioned in the relevant field of any Model Domain submitted to this portal is included in MDS. This is done automatically, on the basis of the models names included in MDS, ignoring case and special characters.

Note: This is an unsupervised process. The service is currently experimental, results may be unuseable.

Adding another AQ forecasting system

An Air Quality Forecasting (AQF) modeling domain may be added to the chemicalweather AQF service via this page. From there, the user can specify the region name, the forecast model name, the name of the group that has developed and/or supports this modeling service, the URL of the AQ model service, along with a description. Finally, the coordinates of the four corners defining the modelling domain are required; the the shape that your domain will appear as is the one resulting from the projection used by google maps, which the Mercator projection. After filling the required fields, the user may use the preview button to view the modelling domain as it will appear on the site, and correct any errors or fine-tune its appearance.

The "Store" button will store the modelling domain to the database; one may the use then the "New Domain" button to specify new modelling domains. Stored modelling domains are available for further editing and corrections for at least 20 minutes after storing them. The modelling domains do not automatically appear on the service, unless being "accepted" by the chemicalweather portal operator (Tassos Bassoukos). Moreover, if you need to correct, amend, change your entry, then you need again to contact with Tassos Bassoukos. It is the responsibility of the modeler/modeling group to insert the information to the AQF service of chemicalweather, and to maintain/update it if necessary.

Related EU projects

Future development of the system

In the future, more modelling domains will be included, as well as summary meta-information on these services, and guidance on the selection and use of these models.

This portal could be a platform, upon which various user- and region-customized services may be developed and operated.

More information on air pollution

You can find more information about air pollution in general in these links, sorted by language:

Contact Persons

For issues with the service please contact Tassos Bassoukos, maintainer of the site.

This web service has been designed jointly by the Informatics Applications and Systems Group, belonging to the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The main persons responsible for the system are Prof. Kostas Karatzas, Tassos Bassoukos, Prof. Jaakko Kukkonen and Ms. Taru Balk.

This latest update to this site was made on October 16th, 2009.


The AirMerge System is an extension of the ChemicalWeather portal, and allows you to view, combine and compare results from chemical weather models.