• The kickoff meeting of the action was held in Brussels on April 19, 2007.
  • The second meeting was held in Helsinki, 4-5 Oct. 2007.
  • The 3rd meeting was held in Thessaloniki, Greece, 8-9 May 2008, at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, AUTh. In the frame of the 3rd MC and WG meeting, a Workshop was held in Thessaloniki, Greece, on May 8th. The title of the workshop was "Chemical weather information services for quality of life", and it included, apart from the ES0602 action participants, invited experts in the field. For details concerning the workshop programme and organizational details, see the agenda.
  • The 4th meeting was held at the Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Environmental Engineering, Warsaw, Poland, during November 3rd and 4th, 2008.
  • The 5th MC/WG meeting was held in Budapest, Hungary, 11-12 May 2009
  • The 6th MC/WG meeting was held in Aveiro, Portugal, in 13-14 October, 2009
  • The 7th COST ES0602 meeting took place at the European Environmental Agency (EEA) on May 17-18, 2010.
  • The 8th COST ES0602 MC&WG meeting and Final Workshop was held in Geneva, 13-14th April 2011.


The AirMerge System is an extension of the ChemicalWeather portal, and allows you to view, combine and compare results from chemical weather models.